1. Joe Needles
 2. The Boxer
 3. Pierre's Restaurant
 4. Porno Flicks
 5. Little Miss Lonely
 6. Ecology
 7. Honorable Discharge
 8. The Gambler
 9. College Chums
10. The Poodle
11. Flying
12. The Gas Man
13. The Hippo
14. The Chocolate Freak
15. The Weird Kingdom
16. Harlow's Kids
17. Fate of the Mightiest Nation
18. The S.O.B. (Shortage of Booze)


Welcome to Hudson and Landry's Greatest Hit's Volume 3!! Hopefully by now you have listened to the ‘Greatest Hits Volume 1 and 2' and are now ready to delve into the rarest of tracks and the ‘Eight' previously unreleased gems found deep in the Dore Records vaults.

As mentioned in Volume 1, five of the vignettes on this volume were released only as singles: "The Gas Man" (you can blast this one loud as it is actually a song). Sing along with these wacky lyrics "The Gas Man..He's a Creepy Little Man with a Funky Little Can and a Long Syphon Hose.... In the Middle of the Night When You Think it's Alright..There Your Gasoline Goes".

Then there is "The Chocolate Freak" which is also very rare. This is the one about the guy who is addicted to Chocolate and has information about a chocolate smuggling operation through model paper airplanes. But he won't talk unless he gets more chocolate. It's very funny and will be greatly appreciated by all the chocolate lovers.

On the flip side of the Chocolate Freak (1973) was the completely divergent "Fate of The Mightiest Nation". This is the only vignette not written by Hudson or Landry. It is an "oral examination of the problems and decline of what sounds like our (then) modern society. Only at the end is it revealed to be a description of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire." And, it's solely Hudson's voice on the entire vignette with a little music behind him at the end. He starts off with "Once upon a time there was a country, very small and on the whole very good"...The vignette ends with "And thus in 476 A.D., Rome fell to the barbarians and the dark ages settled over Western Civilization".
This one is a trip!

Then there is THE S.O.B...
No, it's not about your everyday Boss, i.e The Son of a _ _ _ _ _!! It's about the same guy in the original Ajax Liquor Store routine who calls many years later for another delivery! To his surprise he's told that there is a ‘Shortage of Booze' and that he can only get his liquor without delivery on odd or even days of the month. He then asks what about getting his booze on Sunday? He's told that Sunday is the Lord’s day. The drunk responds with, "if the Lord’s a no show, can I have his booze!!"
Finally there is "Harlow's Kids". This is another weird one that is quite good. Harlow's wife has been thinking and she wants to have more 'young-uns'. Harlow replies that "We already raised the whole litter and they all turned out rotten...seven rotten kids". Nothing like praising your family!!

The highlight of this volume, however, is without a doubt the "Eight" previously unreleased vignettes. These recently discovered routines are just as funny as many of the classics. In fact, four of them are now my new favorites! I'll let you decide where these vignettes should fall in the scheme of Hudson and Landry's best!

Pay close attention to "Joe Needles", "The Gambler","The Boxer" and "College Chums" as these include some of the funniest material I have ever heard from these guys!

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