1. Ajax Airlines
 2. Hippie and The Redneck
 3. Ajax Finance Company
 4. The Preacher
 5. The Soul Bowl
 6. Ajax Mortuary
 7. The Doctors
 8. Bruiser La Rue Meets Dracula
 9. Frontier Christmas
10. Ajax Travel Bureau
11. Sir Basil
12. Montague for Governor
13. Five Points
14. The Lochness Monster
15. Nobody's Business
16. Obscene Phone Bust
17. Astro-nut


Welcome to Hudson and Landry's Greatest Hit's Volume 2. Hopefully by now you have listened to the ‘ Greatest Hit's Volume 1' and will soon be ready for "Volume 3", The Rare and Hard To Find Singles and previously unreleased material. !!!

As you may have read in the liner notes in Volume 1, this collection of vignettes includes the "UNEDITED" versions from the original master tapes. After hours of re-mastering and restoration we have created the best copies of any of the Hudson and Landry material ever released!!
This volume starts off with Ajax Airlines, the very funny skit of a drunk trying to figure out everything about a flight headed to San Anthonio (as he pronounces it)!. The drunk wants to know exactly what time the plane takes off as well as if the hostresess (as he says) are topless! When asked what kind of vegetable he'd like in first class he says "I'll take an onion!" There will be turbulence he is told. "No I'll stick with the onion". By the end of this skit this drunk is asking the airlines to "hold that plane".. "you better hold that plane"...When asked why? The very funny answer lies on this CD!.