1. Ajax Liquor Store
 2. Bruiser La Rue
 3. Friar Schuck
 4. Ajax Pet Store
 5. Top 40 DJ's
 6. Fredrickism
 7. Forever Adams
 8. I Couldn't Live Like That (The Prospectors)
 9. Murph Almighty
10. The Heaven Game
11. Impossible Dreams
12. The Maltese Hummingbird
13. Kearsarge
14. Charlie Chin
15. Cornelius Vanderbilt
16. The Rising and Falling
of Adolph Hitler
17. The Heads (Ajax Lost and Found)


ITP Records is proud to release, exclusively, for the first time ever, the complete recording collection of one of the funniest comedy teams of the 70's, HUDSON AND LANDRY.
For those of you who know spoken word comedy, Bob Hudson also known as ‘The Emperor" and Ron Landry are one of the most under-rated comedy teams of their time.
Although nationally known for their grammy nominated vignette "Ajax Liquor Store" (1971) and for having written and recorded four gold albums: "Hanging In There" (1971), "Losing Their Heads" (1972), "Right Off" (1973), and "The Weird Kingdom" (1974), this comedy team deserves far greater recognition and attention then they ever received.

This three volume collection includes the UNEDITED versions of "Ajax Liquor Store", "Bruiser La Rue", "Ajax Mortuary", "Friar Schuck", "Kearsarge", "Fredrickism", "The Soul Bowl", "Sir Basil", "Murph Almighty", "Frontier Christmas" and so many others including those vignettes that have been lost over the years or were only released as singles on 45's!.